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Zeke's Coffee: Breakfast Special: Cartoons & Cereal

The Breakfast Special: Cartoons & Cereal

On View: Friday, January 20 - Wednesday, March 29

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 21 | 10am to 12pm 

It’s Breakfast Time! Zeke’s Coffee Shop and Maryland Art Place (MAP) are pleased to present The Breakfast Special: Cartoons & Cereal exhibition. We’re bringing back the nostalgia of childhood breakfast with a cartoon and cereal themed exhibit! Do you recall spending your mornings perusing the back of a cereal box, or beating your siblings to that special prize hiding inside, all while you skimmed that week’s installment of your favorite cartoon? The Breakfast Special exhibition aims to celebrate just that!  

The reception will be held at Zeke’s Coffee located at 4719 Harford Road on Saturday, January 21 between 10 am and 12 pm. Zeke’s has house made pop tarts and mini cereal boxes to fulfill your breakfast needs. This reception is breakfast themed, jammies are encouraged! 

ABOUT ZEKE’s: In 2005 Thomas Rhodes sold his first pound of coffee at the Baltimore Farmers Market. One year later he opened a retail space on Harford Road in Lauraville, and further expanded his operations to a fully functioning café just down the street at 4719 Harford Road in 2017.

Kevin Hailey: THE LIT HYPHAE TRADE // Hotel Indigo



On View:  January, 12 - April, 13, 2023

Reception: February, 16 2023 | 6 to 8 pm

Hotel Indigo | 24 West Franklin Street | Free & Open to the Public

Maryland Art Place in partnership with Hotel Indigo Baltimore is pleased to present "THE LIT HYPHAE TRADE”, a solo exhibition by baltimore-based artist, Kevin Hailey.  The exhibition is on view at Hotel Indigo Baltimore, located at 24 West Franklin St. from January 12 to April 13. A public reception will take place Thursday, February 16 from 6 to 8 pm.


The Lit Hyphae Trade is a series of paintings concerning the movements and dynamics of mycelium.  Hyphae are the branches in mycelium; a fungal network that is found everywhere from our guts to the deep woods. Mycelium acts as a communication for trade of nutrients and sustainer of life. The hyphae forms have proven to be an inspiring subject in my painting both in form and concept. The assumed chaos of the structure of mycelium under a microscope displays an eerily similar gesture to my paint strokes. I have unconsciously adapted this technique within the single dimensional paintings in this show. I have also begun to believe in cosmic mycelium further depicted in the paintings with rich cerebral-like color galaxies.

It is known that mycelium has adapted a unique “barter system” for nutrients with which the various plants and organisms are communicating through, thus posing mycelium itself as language. Mycelium as a language never displays a one-sided front. This approach to communication and bartering allows the plants the nutrients needed through a holistic and balanced behavioral model. I believe this possible Lingua Franca, established for the underground fungal world, could provide an example of how humans may achieve a more symbiotic and connected relationship with other earthly organisms, and ultimately ourselves.

-  Kevin Hailey is a Baltimore based artist, born in Colorado by way of the San Francisco Bay Area. He has exhibited in LA, San Francisco, Denver, Portland, Berlin, Brooklyn and now Baltimore. @kevinhaileyart

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