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On the Mind

March 14, 2015
January 22, 2015-

Opening Thursday, January 22 from 6-9 PM
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12-4pm

The mind can be both fascinating and mystifying. We know it controls our motor function and, in many ways, works on its own without our knowing and often without our complete consent. We as humans try and mastermind our brains. We learn to play instruments, understand complex mathematical problems, and use our minds to overcome unwelcome habits. The brain as an object is equally interesting; a large mass of completely unique, white/grey matter. How does an organ that looks like this control our every thought, move, and decision? Maryland Art Place is pleased to present “On the Mind”, an exhibition that explores varying perspectives on the brain by artists Mónica López-González, Jon Malis, Lee Gainer & Nancy Andrews.

Mónica López-González takes a detailed look at our minds on creativity. Through her studies on improvisation she unfolds what happens when one part of the brain assumes all responsibility in the creative process, while the other part of the brain quite literally lays dormant. Monica states, “I use both improvisatory techniques within black and white photography, and musical improvisation within cinema and theatre to explore the process of spontaneous creative thinking and emotion perception.”

Artist, Jon Malis explores the brain as an object and early attempts to capture, read, preserve and understand the brain. Through his photography we, the onlookers, may view the brain as both terrifying and beautiful. His images examine an archive of hundred-year-old scientific studies of the human brain, produced by pathologists at Saint Elizabeth's Hospital, one of the oldest mental health institutions in this country.

Conversely, Lee Gainer explores memories; how they are constructed and relied upon. Her vibrant acrylic paintings include a multitude of overlapping imagery, harking on the confusion ‘that our memories may inhibit our ability to accurately recall a past experience or place’.

Lastly, Nancy Andrews uses her personal experiences as a platform for intense dialogue surrounding delirium and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after her stay in a post-operative, intensive care unit (ICU) in 2006. Nancy explores her memories through the creation of drawings and motion pictures in an effort to reconstruct and externalize her experience in the hospital. The creative output works with material related to very dark hallucinations during her ICU stay and the after effects of health-related trauma.  She has since dedicated much energy to educating the public through her art about post-ICU PTSD, delirium in the ICU and the many ways individuals can be affected by these conditions.  

Nancy Andrews will be presenting a screening of her film, “On a Phantom Limb” in conjunction with this exhibition at the Maryland Institute College of Art, February 25, 2015 at 8pm. The screening will include a panel discussion with two leading health professionals in the area of delirium, Karin Neufeld and Marianne Shaughnessy who are part of the American Delirium Society. This event will be free and open to the public. No RSVP is required. The event will be held at Falvey Hall, 1301 W Mt Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217. For directions please contact MAP at 410.962.8565

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.  “On the Mind” is supported by the American Delirium Society who will be printing bookmarks for the exhibition to raise awareness about issues related to PTSD and delirium.


OOO 2015

OOO Artists! Thank you so much for your support. Your unsold artwork can be picked up this week Tuesday-Friday, 10-4 and Saturday, May 9, 11-5. Please e-mail paul at if you did not receive an e-mail about the status of your work or if schedule a pick up.

Maryland Art Place's Annual Spring Benefit, Silent Auction and Party!


APRIL 24, 2015 at 7PM

Maryland Art Place's Annual Spring Benefit, Silent Auction and Party! Join us at this year's Out of Order event on Friday, April 24, 2015 at 7PM to view and bid on works from a wide range of regional artists - from emerging and student artists to established professionals. We look forward to seeing you!

OOO TICKETS: Mingle with the participating artists, sponsors, patrons and general art enthusiasts during the exciting silent auction and party. Guests will enjoy an open wine & beer bar, a specialty cocktail and light tastings throughout the evening and a special body art performance lead by Abby Fitzgibbon.

$45 Presale Tickets ($50 at the door) will grant you entrance to the 7 - 10PM silent auction + access to the After Party at Current!

Interested in contributing more? Consider an OOO sponsorship starting at $250.

Connect with Amy Cavanaugh Royce: 410.962.8565 or


Get Excited about Out Of Order. Watch this video! Out Of Order 2015 from Maryland Art Place on Vimeo.

ARTISTS: Any artist is welcome to hang one original work of art on the first come, first served installation day, taking place on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 from 7am - midnight. No need to sign up in advance, just remember the following:

•Your ONE original piece of artwork ready to hang (no larger than 40 x 40 inches).

•Participation Fee: $10 for EVERYONE! Members and non-members.

For More Details about OOO, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

For the sixth year, MAP is pleased to offer an opportunity for artists to contribute their work to a local charity. Participating artists may donate their unsold art to The Art Connection in the Capital Region (ACCR,) a nonprofit that works to enrich the lives of under served members of our community by placing original art within the public areas of nonprofit community service agencies throughout the Greater Metropolitan Washington, DC area. An example of the types of organizations with which ACCR partners serve their clients directly and include: homeless shelters, children's centers, mental health facilities, and low-income senior housing agencies, amongst several others. To learn more:

OOO EVENT COMMITTEE: Chris Attenborough,Priya Bhayana, Bishme Cromartie, Jordan Doster, Brittanie Gioioso,Patrick Hunt, Chelsea Klusewitz, Gregory Lamberson, Joe Letourneau, Robbin Lee, Stacey Murray, Rachel Rabinowicz, Amy Eva Raehse, and Denise Williams.

INCIDENTAL MATTERS An Exhibition of Emerging Artists from the Intermedia + Digital Arts (IMDA) MFA Program at UMBC

April 10
March 24-

An Exhibition of Emerging Artists from the Intermedia + Digital Arts (IMDA) MFA Program at UMBC
March 24 – April 10 
Opening Reception Thursday March 26, 5-7pm

Featuring 2015 MFA thesis candidates: Tim (Silouan) Bubb, Chanan Delivuk, Kata Frederick, Jason Hughes, Meghan Marx and Victor Torres

March 24 – April 10
Opening Reception Thursday March 26, 5-7pm
Hours: Tues-Sat, 12 noon to 5pm, or by appointment
Current Gallery, Jordan Faye Contemporary and Maryland Art Place (MAP)
218 West Saratoga Street and 421 N Howard Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

For more information and contact: Lisa Moren, Graduate Program Director and Professor of Visual Art,
Intermedia + Digital Art (IMDA), Master of Fine Art (MFA) Program
University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

In collaboration with three exhibition venues and in partnership with the Bromo Arts and Entertainment District, this exhibition of six MFA thesis projects is hosted by UMBC’s Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture (CADVC), Department of Visual Arts, and College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. UMBC’s INTERMEDIA + DIGITAL ARTS (IMDA) M.F.A. Program is where interdisciplinary artists seek to expand or reinvent their professional practice. The IMDA program is committed to artists that pose unique conceptual and social challenges while offering them an environment that provides courses in emerging methods, contemporary art and theory, a studio, teaching opportunities, engaged faculty, premier visiting artists and research centers that are typical of a research university. Each year these emerging artists present their culminating work in the form of installations, new media, performance, interactive sculpture and other conceptual art objects. The MFA exhibition is created with a professionally designed journal published by imda journal. The 2015 M.F.A thesis exhibition venues for “Incidental Matters” will be located a short alley walk from each other in two buildings in Baltimore’s downtown Bromo Arts & Entertainment District.

For more information on the six emerging artists featured:

Animation artist Tim (Silouan) Bubb draws on historical, mythical, and theoretical materials to explore an animated iconography of spiritual symbiosis between humankind and technology in his work SILHOUETTE SYNAXARION. This work, on view at MAP, consists of holographic projections manifested in a free-standing, modular shadow theater.

Chanan Delivuk’s navigating family in an unfamiliar place is an installation of photographs and audio/video documentation of the artist’s journey to a remote mountain village in Croatia that shares her last name. Also included are objects from the village, including food, coffee, and homemade slivovitz. During the opening reception for the exhibition, the artist will hold a performance in the rear outdoor space of Current Gallery that will allow visitors, including the artist’s Croatian family who live in the mid-Atlantic region, to interact and converse over food and drink from Delivuki and to reflect on origins in places of the past while gathering in a contemporary location.

Kata Frederick uses dirt, charcoal, and other organic materials to create physical and contemplative durational performances. In addition to his Current Gallery exhibition of works that employ ethereal film projection and drawings, he will perform daily in the space.

Jason Hughes is an interdisciplinary artist who has focused on the history of economic power and its influence over cultural representation in the United States. His recent emphasis has crossed boundaries of textiles, collages, and sculptures cast from shredded currency; a series of large-scale prints that are ornate abstract composites of money; and sculptural objects from appropriated street barricades used for crowd control. Works from these projects will be exhibited at Jordan Faye Contemporary.

Meghan Marx explores hoarding, bioaccumulation, and the moments when pesticides and other chemicals are absorbed, inhaled, or ingested by a living organism at a rate greater than that at which these toxic substances are lost. Her work, on display at MAP, is a kinetic and interactive sculpture informed by data that the artist gathered in Baltimore and used as a basis from which to construct a breathing monument simulating “airscape.”

Using art installations, sculptures, and durational performances, Victor Torres studies the historical trajectory of sounds and their meanings as pivotal not only to understanding and tracking how human perceptions and mythologies have changed over millennia, but also how societal norms can be rewritten and who has that agency. Torres will exhibit and perform multimedia interactive masks, as well as his own verbo-written language, during his exhibition at MAP.

Young Blood 2015

Opening Thursday, July 16, 6-8 PM
July 16, 2015-August 22, 2015

Young Blood 2015
July 16 - August 22

MAP's Program Advisory Committee (PAC) curates Young Blood, an annual exhibition of works by recent Baltimore-area Masters of Fine Art graduates. The exhibition includes emerging artists from area colleges such as Maryland Institute College of Art and The University of Maryland College Park. Since 2008 this program has continually brought recent graduates together to make new connections and present special selections from their graduate exhibitions. According to MAP's former Program Advisory Chair, Cara Ober, "After achieving their Masters the next most important step for young artists is their professional debut in a reputable professional gallery." Since 2008, Young Blood has provided a meritorious exhibition experience for over 45 artists.

This years Young Blood Artists are: Amanda Agricola , OluShola A. Cole,  L. E. Doughtie,  Alex Ebstein, Rob Hackett, Magali Hébert-Huot, Christine Wolfe Weller.


Terminal Velocity: Brandon Morse

Opening: September, 10, 2015 6-8 PM
September 10- October 17, 2015

Terminal Velocity: Brandon Morse

September 10 - Oct. 17

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 10, 2015 from 6-8 PM

New-media artist Brandon Morse writes software to simulate and emulate systems in flux. Scenes of tumult, chaos and entropy are portrayed through these digital simulations presenting to the viewer video and video-installation works that draw parallels between chaotic natural phenomena and the human condition. The pieces in the exhibition will run as software in the gallery and as such will continually evolve and self-generate on the fly during the course of the exhibition; never repeating or looking the same twice.

Brandon Morse is a Washington, DC based artist who works with generative systems as a means to examine the ways in which physical phenomena such as entropy and emergence can function in ways that are both poetic and metaphorical. Through the use of code, and the creation of custom computer software, he creates simulations of seemingly complex systems to create video and video installations that seek to draw parallels between the ways in which these systems work and the ways in which we, both individually and collectively, navigate the world around us.  He has exhibited his work in museums and galleries across North America, Asia, and Europe.

MAP's Fall Benefit!

October 24, 2015 at 7 PM

Where Fine Art and Fashion Meet | Saturday, October 24, 2015

This Fall Maryland Art Place (MAP) is proud to present the fashion designs of Bishme Cromartie. On October 24th, 2015, MAP will hold its annual fall benefit, ‘Where Fine Art and Fashion Meet’. Cromartie will present upwards of 20 new looks from his 2016 fall line, all of which will premiere at MAP alongside the work of local jewelry and accessory designers. Cromartie is an up-and-coming star in the fashion industry who has been recently highlighted on BET’s “Fashion + Beauty” @ BETX in Los Angeles & Bravo’s “Blood Sweat and Heels”. His designs are fresh, architectural and made for women of all body types.

MAP is thrilled to hold this year’s annual fall benefit in our newly renovated gallery made possible through the generosity of the France-Merrick Foundation; however MAP is no longer just a gallery. MAP is fast becoming a place where creative minds meet, a space where artists, designers & musicians produce original work, and an incubator for visionaries. With over 20,000 square feet of space in the building and five floors, MAP is becoming a beacon for the creative community within the Bromo Arts & Entertainment District. On October 24th guests can expect libations courtesy of Sticky Rice with light fare from 7-9pm. Models will hit their respective platforms for viewing at 8pm! MAP will further be showcasing the works of local fashion photographers and jewelers, along with the mesmerizing projections of Maryland artist, Brandon Morse.

Art and Jewelry by: 
Justin Tscualas, Frank Hallam Day, Roy Cox, Sean Scheidt, Peggy Fox, Xang Mimi Ho, Hilary Hachey, Carolyn Cavanaugh, and Rachel Mulherin.

MAP is proud to serve and support living artists while also having a positive impact on the residents and businesses on Baltimore’s west side.

Advance ticket $175.00

Purchase tickets HERE.

Parking: The Arrow Parking garage across from MAP will be open until Midnight for guest of the event. 


Under $500 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015

UNDER $500

Maryland Art Place invites you to join us at our third annual "Under $500" affordable art sale this December!

On Friday, December 11 at 6 o'clock join us for a first-come, first-served opportunity to purchase affordable and original works of art. The event will feature the work of Baltimore and surrounding area artists at a price point of $500 or less. Purchase work at any point throughout the evening and take home that night!

Guests can expect to mingle with other artists, collectors, patrons and general art enthusiasts at the event with an open wine and beer bar, along with light tastings with a holiday twist.

Tickets are $20 for presale / $30 door tickets. Purchase Tickets HERE.  To pay with cash or check, please connect with Paul at

Can't make it on Friday night? Stop into MAP the next day, Saturday, December 12 between 11a - 4p to view the remaining works for sale. This day requires no ticket and is open to the public.

Artists: Angela Arrigo, Matt Klos, Alex Ebstein, John Thomas Paradiso, L.E Doughtie, John Viles, Jeremy Flick, Kyle Hackett, Seth Adelsberger, Abby Cheney, Lydia Petit, Steven H. Silberg, Suzy Kopf, Jill Fannon, Jodi Hoover, Dan Ubias, Emily Uchytil, Michel Anderson, John Bohl, Maggie Gourlay, Bart O'Reilly, Andrew Liang, Matt Bovie, Cara Ober, Mia Halton, Emily Dierkes, Stephanie Garmey, Andy Karnes, Marian April Glebes, Curtis Miller, Ed Gross, Bryan O'Neill, Travis Childers, Eric Garner, Aubrey Garwood, Darcie Book, Matthew Moore, Christine Sajecki, Karen Klinedinst, Joshua Chance, Mike McConnell, Magnolia Laurie, Rex Wire III, Kevin M. Runyon, Christos J. Palios and more…

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