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Howie Doolittle: Everythang’s Gonna Be All Right” @ Hotel Indigo

Howie Doolittle: Everythang’s Gonna Be All Right” 

On View:  May 20, 2022 - September 9, 2022

Reception:June 9, 2022 | 5 to 7 pm

Hotel Indigo | 24 West Franklin Street | Free & Open to the Public

Maryland Art Place in partnership with Hotel Indigo Baltimore and Alex Cooper Auctioneers is pleased to present "Everythang’s Gonna Be All Right” featuring artwork by Howard Charles Doolittle. Howie Doolittle, born Baltimore, MD, 1940, died Verdun, France, in 1966 during the Vietnam War.The exhibition is on view at Hotel Indigo Baltimore, located at 24 West Franklin St. from May 20th - September 9. A public reception will take place June 9th from 5 to 7 pm

Alex Cooper Auctioneers is pleased to collaborate with the Maryland Art Place to present the work of Baltimore-born artist, Howie Doolittle.  Doolittle, a graduate of North Texas State University, was on the brink of a successful career as a visual artist.  Prior to being drafted, his work was shown in multiple exhibitions and received an honorary citation from the Texas Fine Arts Association for commendable work. Doolittle, was an early activist of the Civil Rights Movement, profoundly moved by the inequalities he saw around him.  His work, though decades old, reflects an ongoing struggle and resonates just as strongly today.  If the viewer was unaware of the date of the piece, it is likely they would be viewed as contemporary.

Howie used his work as a voice for change. He was active in local and on-campus civil rights organizations and his art serves as a historical commentary of the world he was seeing.  A number of the pieces are poignant statements on social injustice.  “Everythang’s Gonna Be All Right” and “Million $ Patriot” invite the viewer to examine the social landscape more deeply.  The imagery is thought provoking and compelling. 

One wonders what Doolittle could have achieved had his life not tragically been cut short due to an acute asthma attack while stationed in Europe. His remaining works were entrusted to his sister who lives on the Eastern Shore and felt driven to give his work one final exhibition.  The works will be on view at the Hotel Indigo until the end of summer and then be available at auction on August 27th at

We hope to see you Thursday, June 9  from 5 - 7pm for the opening reception.

Validated parking is available at 15 West Franklin St. Garage. 

For more information, please contact Kathleen Hamill at or Caitlin Gill at



Submission Deadline: Wednesday, August 31 by Midnight

On View: Thursday, September 22 - Saturday, November 19, 2022

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 22 | 6 pm to 9 pm

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Maryland Art Place

Maryland Art Place is proud to announce a call for submissions for a group show  YOU EFF OH,  an exhibition that addresses what artists think about extraterrestrial phenomena and how this topic influences, or may be realized in their work. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, August, 31 by Midnight. The exhibition will take place at MAP running from September 22 through November 19 with an opening reception on Thursday, September 22 from 6 pm to 9 pm (in conjunction with this fall’s Bromo Arts District Artwalk).
DESCRIPTION: What’s out there? - That common question we ask ourselves as we gaze into the night sky. Are we alone? Is it all just uninhabitable rocks in the sky, dusty particles and shiny stars? H.G. Wells wrote War of the Worlds in 1898 and not until a sleepy Friday in June of 2021, as Covid continued to rattle the world, did the US intelligence community quietly release a report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) aka UFOs.
Until 2019, when the US Navy started a program to track unidentified flying objects, there had been no formalized way to track these sightings yet we all imagine they occur.  In the 2021 report, there were clearly safety concerns, though some discernment as to whether the 144 recorded incidents were alien or possibly advanced technology from Russia or China. (Note: The idea of UFO’s really started to take shape in 1947 when pilot Kenneth Arnold sighted a series of nine oddly shaped aircraft flying in tandem in the sky). This past May 2022 the House Intelligence Committee held its first hearing on UFO’s in half a century, and in June 2022 it was announced that the government plans to release another unclassified report about what it has collected about UAP’s. Whether legitimate or not, our fascination with alien life and other worldly places has permeated our culture. We love to consume the possibility. From blockbuster hits such as Closer Encounters and ET to kitschy flicks like Mars Attacks, we just can’t get enough. (References: CNN Politics, NPR and CBS News)
So what is YOU EFF OH? Undoubtedly all that happens in the sky has had an effect on our creativity. What do artists think about alien life; how does this topic influence their practice (if at all); who is creating work related to UFO’s, aliens, sightings, abductions and unexplainable events and who wants to create work related to these topics? Existing and proposed works will be accepted.

DEADLINE: The deadline for submission is Wednesday, August 31 by Midnight

For full prospectus, application form and eligibility click HERE or visit

To apply please see the full list of application materials, eligibility, and required attachments: Please send your application to OR fill out the google application form HERE by midnight, Saturday, August 31, 2022 Application Deadline.

Questions? Contact:

J.M. Giordano "We Used to Live at Night" Virtual Exhibition and Sale


We Used to Live @ Night

Virtual Exhibition and Sale 

Supporting the Baltimore Abortion Fund

in partnership with Joseph M. Giordano


Virtual Exhibitions and Sale Opens: Sunday, August 14  @ 10 am

Virtual Exhibition and Sale Closes: Sunday, December 14  @ 5 pm

Virtual Exhibition and Sale click HERE

Maryland Art Place (MAP) is honored to support the Baltimore Abortion Fund, a vital resource for women in Maryland. In collaboration with critically acclaimed photojournalist, Joseph M. Giordano, MAP is selling select digital photographs from his recent exhibition " We Used to Live at Night". (held at MAP in May 2022). Proceeds will be split between the Baltimore Abortion Fund and Maryland Art Place equally, both 501 c)3 not for profits.

"We Used to Live at Night" covers 25 years of Baltimore After Dark and includes shots of underground scenes, drag scenes, crime scenes, club scenes, music clubs, portraiture, and more. Images for sale on this site are selections from Giordano's book "We Used to Live at Night" published by Culture Crush Editions, NYC in 2021. Shots were taken from 1994 and continued until Covid-19 ended the old way of living at night for good.

Maryland Art Place is the producer of both the exhibition version of 'We Used to Live at Night" and of this fundraising site, mutually benefiting both MAP and the Baltimore Abortion Fund, both 501 c) 3 charitable organizations. The virtual Exhibition and Sale can be viewed HERE beginning Sunday, August 14 at 10am and concluding on Sunday, December 14 at 5pm

The Baltimore Abortion Fund (BAF) was founded in 2014 and provides financial assistance and practical support to individuals who live in or travel to Maryland for abortion care. BAF supports clients residing in all 23 counties of Maryland and Baltimore City. BAF believes abortions are essential healthcare and a human right

Joseph M. Giordano is a Baltimore-based photojournalist who has been featured in ProPublica, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Washington Post, The Baltimore City Paper, i-D Magazine, and Rolling Stone to name a few. Giordano is the co-host of the podcasts 10 Frames Per Second and Photo Flip

Maryland Art Place (MAP) inspires, supports, and encourages artistic expression through innovative programming and exhibitions while recognizing the powerful impact art can have on our community. MAP works with living artists and operates out of its 20,000-square-foot building located in the Bromo Arts District. MAP's building is dedicated to supporting artists of all kinds from music to film to the visual arts. 

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Maryland Art Place (MAP) inspires, supports, and encourages artistic expression through innovative programming, exhibitions, and educational opportunities while recognizing the powerful impact art can have on our community. MAP creates a dynamic environment for artists of our time to engage the public by nurturing and promoting new ideas. MAP has served as a critical resource for contemporary art in the Mid-Atlantic since 1981.

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