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Repurposed with Purpose

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Repurposed with Purpose: Meaning in the Materials of Making

Curated by Doreen Bolger

On View: September 20 - November 10, 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 20, 6-9pm,

Performances by exhibiting artists David Page and Neil Feather

This exhibition aims to enrich the visitor’s experience—and their understanding of the arts and humanities—by encouraging viewers to look for greater variance and nuance in the meaning of materials. The choice of materials holds different significance for each artist, sometimes reflecting larger societal issues and at others, more personal interests, concerns, or priorities. Some artists are thinking about the environment and as they choose their materials, commenting on its fragility and the impact of its degradation on mankind and the earth, now and in times to come. They celebrate reuse while mourning waste, creating compelling works of art, sometimes interactive and experiential, even pointing out that mankind is causing obsolescence, decay, and even mortality. Some artists reference or incorporate historic found objects that take us from the present moment to the past and memory, reminding us that time is a continuum. Others repurpose their own creations, giving them a new expression. For many, the use and meaning of these materials allow them to reach across boundaries of race, class, and gender orientation to remind us that we are unified by our humanity. Some even embrace a more evident position of social activism or political statement, making work where their choice of materials raises issues specific to the time and place in which we live.

Featuring:  Laura Amussen, Jude Asher, Michael Benevenia, Sera Boeno, Ram Brisueño, Rebecca Burr, Mina Cheon & Gabriel Kroiz, Schroeder Cherry, Sonya Clark, Jim Condron, Hoesy Corona, Lisa Dillin, Alex Ebstein, Mark Eisendrath, Annie Farrar, Neil Feather, Alfonso Fernandez Vazquez, Linda Campbell Franklin, Alex French, Alice Gadzinski, Gaia, Marian Glebes, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Ben Hamburger, Maren Hassinger, David Hess, Sanzi Kermes, Minas Konsolas, Edna Kurtz Emmet, Andrew Laumann, Leigh Maddox, Caryn Martin, Charles Mason III, Lat Naylor, The Merovingian, Mary Opasik, David Page, Edward Victor Sanchez, Lauren Schott, Joyce Scott, Leonard Streckfus, Maxine Taylor, Joshua Wade Smith, Stewart Watson, Stefan Ways, Jacob Zimmerman and Adam Zynger.

About the Curator: Doreen Bolger served as the Director of the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) for 17 years, retiring in 2015. The BMA  is recognized as a center for 19th-century, modern, and contemporary art. There, she redefined the Museum’s artistic focus, placing greater emphasis on its world-class collection, initiating major exhibitions, and expanding educational programs. An enthusiastic supporter of Baltimore city's emerging art scene, in 2016-17 she co-curated graduate exhibitions of the Maryland Institute College of Art. Bolger, who received her Ph.D. from the Graduate Center of The City University of NY, was previously the Director of the RI School of Design Museum, Providence, and served as a curator of American Art at the Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, TX, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY.

This exhibition is generously funded by the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund, with in-kind support from the MuseWeb Foundation.

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Michael Fischerkeller: Children of War // Hotel Indigo

Michael Fischerkeller | Children of War

On View: August 22 - November 3, 2018

Opening Reception: September 27, 2018 | 6-8pm

Hotel Indigo | 24 West Franklin Street | Free & Open to the Public

Maryland Art Place is pleased to present Children of War by Michael Fischerkeller at Hotel Indigo!

"The most innocent are too often subject to the cruelest of conditions. No stronger evidence of this exists outside of mankind's weakest acts - profiteering by warfare. Children often become pawns or currency in war, forced to serve as soldiers, laborers, sex slaves or exported as the same to raise funds that swell the coffers of the warmongers. In spite of all this, the brilliant light with which children are blessed persists in radiating. In the series I celebrate and capture that light in brilliantly colored portraits of children from around the world who face war or its consequences every day. The series includes portraits of strength, hope, determination, and grace and is intended to serve as a reminder to all who view the work that not all children enjoy the comparatively comfortable life that our local communities offer. In an effort to extend our comfort to these children, a portion of sales proceeds will be contributed to War Child UK and/or Children of Conflict (NYC), as these organizations establish and manage education and arts programs for children in war-torn countries" - Fischerkeller

Michael Fischerkeller lives and works in Washington, D.C., and received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the Ohio State University. He uses art as a means to create narratives that further the viewer's understanding of complex social issues. Inspired by street artists, Fischerkeller uses acrylic spraypaint as his primary medium, recognizing that street artists often are impacted by social inequities. Fischerkeller has shown his work internationally with emphasis on participating in exhibitions furthering social change.

Under $500

UNDER $500

Exhibition Opening: Friday, December 14, 2018 | 7:00 PM

On View: Friday, December 14 - Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Maryland Art Place invites you to join us at our sixth annual UNDER $500 affordable art sale this December! On Friday, December 14 at 7 o'clock join us for a first-come, first-served opportunity to purchase affordable and original works of art. The event will feature the work of Baltimore and surrounding area artists at a price point of $500 or less. Purchase work at any point throughout the evening and take home that night! 

Guests can expect to mingle with other artists, collectors, patrons, and general art enthusiasts at the event with an open wine and beer bar, along with light tastings with a holiday twist.

More information including tickets and exhibiting artists, TBA. 

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