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Terminal Velocity: Brandon Morse

Terminal Velocity: Brandon Morse   |   September 10- October 17, 2015   |   Opening: September, 10, 2015 6-8 PM

Terminal Velocity: Brandon Morse

September 10 - Oct. 17

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 10, 2015 from 6-8 PM

New-media artist Brandon Morse writes software to simulate and emulate systems in flux. Scenes of tumult, chaos and entropy are portrayed through these digital simulations presenting to the viewer video and video-installation works that draw parallels between chaotic natural phenomena and the human condition. The pieces in the exhibition will run as software in the gallery and as such will continually evolve and self-generate on the fly during the course of the exhibition; never repeating or looking the same twice.

Brandon Morse is a Washington, DC based artist who works with generative systems as a means to examine the ways in which physical phenomena such as entropy and emergence can function in ways that are both poetic and metaphorical. Through the use of code, and the creation of custom computer software, he creates simulations of seemingly complex systems to create video and video installations that seek to draw parallels between the ways in which these systems work and the ways in which we, both individually and collectively, navigate the world around us.  He has exhibited his work in museums and galleries across North America, Asia, and Europe. http://www.coplanar.org

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