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Abhidnya Ghuge & Heather Harvey


MAP presents the works of Abhidnya Ghuge & Heather Harvey

~ a double solo exhibition exploring space intervention & materials use

Exhibition:  January 19th - March 11, 2017

Opening Reception:  January 19th, 2017 at 6pm

Abhidnya Ghuge (Texas)

"Abhidnya Ghuge is a multidisciplinary installation artist using printmaking techniques on paper plates to create site-responsive installations. Beginning with a birch wood panel that she carves to create the woodblock, Ghuge prints thousands of paper plates with it and then uses them to transform the space allowing the viewer to walk through and into the installation.

Originally from India, a dermatologist by pervious profession, Abhidnya draws inspiration from Indian henna designs, the microscopic and macroscopic world (referencing her previous medical profession) and current cultural landscape of America. Her work celebrates patterns, organic forms and allows for a rich sensory and spatial experience." -Abhidnya Ghuge

Heather Harvey (Maryland)

"Heather Harvey creates site-specific installations and objects that straddle traditional boundaries between painting, drawing and sculpture. She is interested in hidden infrastructures and invisible ordering mechanisms – things like gravity, quantum physics, and radio waves, but also the human body, memory, and contradictory emotions like aversion and affection. Her work is suggestive of mental and emotional landscapes and internal unfolding thought processes. Harvey exploits materials’ inherent qualities to yield philosophical and mechanical insights into how the physical world operates and what it means to inhabit a body. Through minimal means and everyday materials the familiar is made strange again." -Heather Harvey

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